De Savornin Lohmanplein 2, 2314 EV  Leiden, The Netherlands


T: +31.71-5143122



What do we do?

Dutch children's voices for



.com has its own dedicated inhouse recordingstudio. The chosen kids voice will be recorded here. Clients will receive their recording by downloadlink or FTP. Parents or caregivers will always be present at recording sessions and our director will get the best performance out of every voiceover kid.





Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH416

Pre-amp : Trident S80

EQ : Trident S80, Solid State Logic SSL501, SSL502

Compressor : Antony DeMaria Labs ADL1000 (tube) Solid State Logic 510 & 520,

SSL G-channel, DBX160


Monitoring : Quested VH3208, KRK700B, PMC AML-1, Auratone


Mixer : Euphonics MC Control


Software : Protools HD3

Interface : Lynx Aurora

DA Converter : Apogee Mini-Me

AD Converter : Apogee Mini-Dac


Soundproof acoustical dead vocalbooth

Headphone amp : Samson Cue8

Shockmount : Enhanced Audio M600

Remote : Frontier Tranzport


Live directing by Skype / Source Connect / Session Link Pro / Phone patch


ISDN : APT Worldnet Tokyo, APTX, MpgL2

IP:       Source Connect, Session Link Pro

Clients can connect to out studio by ISDN Audio, Source Connect and Session Link. Live direction or just listening in by phonepatch or Skype. Recordings will be scheduled after school or in weekends.