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WAT DO WE DO? was founded by Dutch voice over veteran Zeno Groenewegen, professional Dutch voicetalent since 1988.

Same goes for many other kids from voice over colleques and kids with experience in acting and musicals. Its about time that all those young talents would be brought together on a dedicated Dutch kids only voice over website.

All out Dutch voice over kids are recorded in our inhouse recording studio equiped with ISDN, Source Connect and Session Link Pro for live remote studio sessions.

Let us cast the toughest Dutch boys voices or sweetest Dutch girl voices for you.

Recordings will be delivered fast to our clients with a downloadlink by email or FTP acces


Voice acting for kids is something different than for adults. Above all it should be fun and relaxed without any pressure. Offcourse there's always pressure from clients but its up to us that our child actors will never notice. Many of our Dutch voice over kids are children from actors or voice overs who can coach their own sprouse like no other.

Here at we understand that voicing commercials or movies for children is not a job but simply a great hobby. They love to do it because its fun and challenging. Its our job that our young voice actors will arrive in the studio not only prepared but above all relaxed and enthusiastic. was founded by Zeno Groenewegen, Zeno has been working as a professional Dutch voice over and narrator since 1988. His own three daughters grew up with studio's and microphones. With an inhouse recording studio its a part of their family life and homebase. Microphones weren't scared but just a part of dad's job so voicing themselves was just a natural thing.