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Dutch children's voices for




Young voice actor Mick can be haerd in the radio en TV campaign for the"Make a Wish" Foundation. Make a Wish is a volunteer organisation that makes wishes come true for children with a life threatening desease in the age of 3 to 18 years old. Mick voiced the commercials with Dutch singer Xander de Buisonje, ambassador of Make a Wish The Netherlands.



Radio & Tv campaign "Make a Wish"


TV commercial 2015 - 20 sec - Make-A-Wish Nederland
Albert Hein kerst reclame

Our child's voices can not only be heard but also seen on your Tv screen. Watch the christmas Tv spot for Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn with twin sisters Merel and Femke.


Voiceoverkids on screen

The National Dutch Child support fund has tested two radio spots. The radio campaign's goal was to increase brand regognition and the message that not all Dutch children have an equal change in life due to poverty. In this radio campain they created 4 different spots in which kids told a short story about their life and why the National Child Support fund improved their level of happiness.


The commercial test proved that using a child voice in a radio commercial had a postive effect on name regognation and brand awareness and lead to in increase of donations. This was a side effect as recruiting donators was never a goal for this campaign.


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Kids voices in commercial positive for brand awareness

Ever thought about the real age of children's voices in films and radio and Tv commercials? Quite often children's voices are not what they sound like as many of those are voices by adults impersonating a kid. van kinderstemmen op radio en tv? Who didn't grow up with cartoons like Niels Holgerson, Wicky de Viking, Tommy from Sesamestreet or Calimero? All child's voices voiced by adult voice actors.


Today more and more real kids voice are used to get an authentic sound. In de United States real kids voices are used much longer. In the original Disney classic Pinocchio released in 1939 Pinnocchio voice was done by the 12 year old actor Dick Jones.


Also Simba's voice in the Lion King releases in 1994 was voiced by 13 year old child actor Taylor Thomas. In the original US version of Dora the Explorer real child voice actors are used who eventually will be replaced again when their voices start to sound older.

The real age of children's voices on radio and Tv

C&A  Back to School reclame

C&A back to School add with voice over kid Femke


Tv commercial C&A Back to School

Tv commercial "Lindt Chocolade" I April 2016

Our voice over kid Femke dubbed the Tv commercial for Lindt Chocolat from German to Dutch.

Tv commercial "Star Stables Nickleodeon" I April 2016

Our Dutch children's voices Fleur & Merith are the voices in the new Dutch Tv commercial for online horse gaming website, also recorded in our inhouse recording studio.

Tv campaign "ING Bank Cubs" I May 2016

Bauke & Merel among others are the voices in the new ING Bank Tv campagne de ING Bank. Watch the commercial here

Promotievideo "Air So Pure" I June 2016

Our voiceoverkids Julius voiced the promtion video for Air So Pure plants.